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Pin-Up Tattoo Supplies is a specialist company who have been designing and manufacturing tattooing supplies and equipment for many years. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of quality tattoo equipment and supplies in the World. We supply many tattoo supply companies, so if you require prices for bulk wholesale orders please contact us.

It is our aim at Pin-Up Tattoo Supplies to produce quality goods and components to the highest standards of manufacture in our workshop. This enables us to produce a high class of workmanship and check the quality of the goods we sell, it also helps us to keep the price down to benefit you the supplier.

Tattoo Needles

These pre-made needles are soldered onto a standard needle bar for immediate use and are individually blister packed and ready sterile. They are distributed in the UK by Powerline Tattoo Supplies on behalf of Pin-Up Tattoo Supply Corp.

Easy Grip Top Hat Grommets

These are a cross between doughnut and standard top hat style. Designed and moulded with 4 lips to secure the needle bar to the grommet and stop movement. They will fit a standard needle bar and machine armature bar. Available in Black or Blue.

Approx 100 per pack

"Soft Grip" Black Tubes

These soft grip plastic tubes have a rubber grip to maximise comfort and are available in 20mm, 25mm and 30mm grips. They are individually blister packed and sterilized for single use. They will eliminate any discolouration of your tattoo inks that you can get from using stainless steel tips.

These tattoo tubes enable you to use your own pre-made needles within them and you can still add bend to your needles if you required. These tattooing full tubes are manufactured so that there is no friction or restriction on the needle bar inside.

Practice Skin

Many great artists are now using this type of practice skin for trying new techniques and needle configurations. Build up your confidence, strengthen your hand, improve your outlining work, perfect your blending, shading and colour work. It can be used on both sides and can be stenciled or drawn on freehand with a ball point pen or tattoo marker.

Strap it onto a part of the body and begin tattooing. Can also be used to display an image or tattoo for customers to see.

Can also help to teach your apprentice.

Many more products due to arrive very soon!

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